routes and experiences in washington's mountains
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The trips with a check mark include additional information I've pieced together from the web.
  Abernathy Peak WAC
  Mt. Adams - South Spur route WAC
Cadet Peak  
Chaval Peak  
Church Mtn.  
Colchuck Peak & Witch's Tower - Enchantments  
Crater Mountain - North Cascades Hwy 20  
Golden Horn MLPW, SP
Hidden Lake LO / Peak  
Kyes Peak - Monte Cristo  
Malachite Peak SP
Merchant Peak SP
Reynolds Peak  
Robinson Mtn. - Pasayten  
Sherpani Peak - 6720'+ - Paddy Go Easy MLPW
Mount Stickney SP
Mt. Stuart  
Three Fingers-South Peak  
Thunder Lakes/Thunder Mtn.  
Whitechuck Mtn  

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