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Trappers Peak - North Cascades There is no shortage of information available on the web.  I have always appreciated the effort some people make to post route information and pictures for hiking, scrambling or climbing trips they've done.  Gives me both a source of inspiration and an idea of what I'm getting myself into before I go.

I've thought about creating a personal site with an eye to contributing a little something of my own to that pool of data.   When I'd looked into it in the past though, it just seemed too complicated and expensive to be justified for anything other than a commercial site.

That's not really the case any longer.  Hosts abound, they're inexpensive and can provide design service or site templates.  I had a glancing familiarity with html and some basic programming, so I decided to try and build my own site from scratch.

The result is this continual work in progress, which as you can see from the variety of color scheme's and layouts still present in some of the internal pages, I change about every six months.

I'm pretty sure that the quality of the images you'll find here won't knock your socks off.  In fact that's not really the point of posting them.  more than anything else I see them as supporting the narrative.  Of course even I get lucky now and then. These really are beautiful places and you would almost have to work at getting bad pictures.

Most of the images you'll find on the site were taken with one of two pocket digital camera's, both Sony Cybershots. The first, a dsc-p100 (5mp) worked just fine until I backed over my pack (with it inside) before a January trip to Granite Mtn. Still takes pictures, but the lcd is shattered. It was replaced two years ago with the dsc-s700 (7.2mp) which does a nice job, if a little quirky after being dropped, banged and dunked in a creek more than once.

I envy the image quality I've seen others get with their digital slr"s, but I don't envy them the cost or the weight and bulk. My current camera is a lumix dmc-tz5 with the leica lens. Very nice pocket camera, lots of presets and the lens gives 10x optical zoom as well as a 28mm wide angle.  takes great pictures outdoors and is better for indoor shots than previous digitals I've had.

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