Sauk Mountain - 5541' Miles: 3 Gain: 800' GT #46 Lake Shannon
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 July 4, 2011
This is indeed a late summer season in the Cascades. We went to Sauk Mountain today expecting, as would be pretty typical for the 4th of July, a nice trail at least to the ridge with consolidated snow from there to the summit. Instead, we had to park a 1/2 mile short of the trailhead and there was fairly consistent snow from there on.

We climbed to a point about 200' short of the summit ridge and stopped. We were watching a couple above us slowly kick steps into the quite hard snow on the face. I figured that we'd make it OK going

up, but the prospect of having to descend that same hard snow slope on the way back, with my bad knees wasn't very inviting. Give it a couple weeks, and by mid July it should be a trail to the ridge, but I think the snow on the far side will likely last for some time to come.
find the sauk mountain trailhead east of concrete and approx. 1.5 miles west of the junction of hwy 20 and hwy 530 near rockport. follow the sauk mountain road 7.5 miles (or as far as the snow level will allow) to the trailhead.

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