Everett Mountaineers Snowshoe Course Field Trip Miles: 3 Gain: 1200' GT Stevens Pass # 176
GT Benchmark Mtn. #144
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 January 30 , 2009
Every year at around this time the Everett branch of the Mountaineers offers a course in basic snowshoeing, introducing students to the beauty of the winter mountains. 

This course is designed to provide basic knowledge, with no prior experience necessary. We will cover the basics in two evening lectures and one field trip. Our instructors are experienced snowshoers and mountaineers. The course also explains what to expect on a Mountaineer's snowshoe trip, and how to sign up for trips. Successful completion of this course will qualify you to participate in all Everett branch snowshoe trips.

The course field trip was held at the Stevens Pass ski area. Students and instructors met at the Mountaineers Lodge at the pass and get a briefing for what to expect for the day. Students can self select the type of destination they want to attempt, from easy touring to something a little more strenuous and challenging.

We had two groups today, one opted for a tour of the area surrounding Grace Lakes and the other a trip up to Skyline Lake and the ridge above. Snow conditions were good, with a 3 to 6 inches of new dry snow on a well consolidated

base, low winds and temps right at freezing. Blue skies would have been nice, but the clouds wouldn't yield so our views were limited. 

The Skyline group left the upper parking lot, crossed Hwy2 to the north side and started up the road to Skyline first passing staff housing and then a microwave tower.  Snowshoeing both on and off the road we climbed to approx. 5000' where we found the path heading west to Skyline Lake.   A nice stop overlooking the frozen lake for lunch and we were off again, with the desire to try and make it up to Skyline Ridge. 

Our students did very well as the angle increased climbing to the ridge and broke trail most of the way.  We ran into quite a few people coming down from the ridge or heading up like us.  We were on a pretty firm trun around time however, as we needed to meet the Grace Lakes group back at the cars and just didn't have enough time to make it all the way up to the ridge.  We were close, but now we get to save that for another time.

Find more information on the Everett Mountaineers Snowshoe Course HERE.
Drive US Hwy 2 to Stevens Pass. Park in the north parking lot (across the Hwy from the ski area) and find the start of the trail to Skyline Lake on an unplowed road leading to staff cabins and a microwave tower.

Click here for more information on the Mountaineers Stevens Pass Lodge.
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