(Nada) Snow Lakes Trail Miles: 6.5 Gain: 2300' Maps:
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I had helped with the •Mountaineers Rock FT• on Saturday and figured I'd stay over and do something nearby the next day   In spite of good intentions, I got a late start Sunday but still wanted to take advantage of the good weather and get a little exercise. 
I thought about hiking up Fourth of July Creek Trail which is still accessible even with the washout at Doctor Creek, but decided instead on a return to Snow Lakes.  I hiked up to Nada Lake about 7 years ago, and have often thought about going back whenever I've driven by the trail head.  But with only a few hours available, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't make it all the way to the lakes.
The trail leaves the large parking lot and drops down to a bridge crossing Icicle Creek, then climbs steeply up 1100' before the angle mellows and it begins to closely parallel the creek.  About midway along this stretch there has been a significant washout/landslide.  The trail disappears under dirt rock and a few very large trees for about 50 yards.  I walked along on top of one of the downed trees and avoided much of the debris.
I found the first snow at (according to my uncalibrated altimeter) about 2400', continuous from about 200' higher.   I stopped after 2 hours at roughly 3600', 500' or so below the point where the trail crosses the creek.  Without snowshoes the softening snow provided many many opportunities for post holing and that just saps my energy.  I had lunch sitting shirtless and bootless fully enjoying the warm sun and slight breeze.
Uneventful hike out and a very long drive home in the Sunday afternoon traffic on Hwy 2.

Drive east on Hwy 2 and at the west entrance to Leavenworth, go south on Icicle Creek Road.  The Snow lakes Trail and parking area is on the left about 4 miles from the highway.  Large parking area and pit toilet.

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