Everett Mountaineers Navigation Courses Miles: 4 Gain: 1200' Maps: provided
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The Everett Branch of the Mountaineers offers a •navigation course•, open to anyone interested in topographical map reading and navigation using a map, altimeter and compass.  This year two classes were held in March (7th & 28th).  Students enrolled in backcountry skiing, basic climbing and alpine scrambling are required to take the course, but many of this year's participants were simply looking to refine the map & compass skills needed for those weekend adventures in the back country.  The Seattle Branch of the Mountaineers also offer a separate course covering •GPS navigation• in May '09.

"The •Everett Mountaineers Alpine Scrambling Course• provides instruction on how to travel safely off-trail and scramble to mountain summits. Most Northwest mountain summits are accessible by scramble routes. Scrambles are typically strenuous, and usually involve off-trail travel over rock, snow, or brush.  The scramble course provides a program of instruction about proper equipment, clothing, navigation, route-finding, avalanche avoidance, weather awareness, rock and off-trail scrambling, wilderness ethics, snow travel, ice axe arrest, and glissade techniques. The course goal is to teach the skills necessary to scramble enjoyably while minimizing risk."

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