Mt. Si - 4167' Miles: 8 Gain: 3400' Maps: GT #174 Mt. Si & #206 Bandera
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By Monday I knew I was going to have Wednesday off and given the choice between doing something productive around the house or going for a hike on a nice winter day I opted for the hike.  This time of year just getting to most trailheads can be a challenge, so a sure thing was needed.  That'll be good 'ol Mt. Si.  The trailhead is almost always accessible and the trail well used and maintained.
My wife was also off Wednesday and she surprised me by saying "sure" when I asked if she wanted to go with me.  Only the second time that's happened (the first was an unplanned trip up the Lake 22 trail.  It was too warm that day for the dogs and we didn't get all the way to the lake). 
I've tried talking her into hiking/scrambling with me for years now so when she agreed this time I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed to be warm and well fed. I loaded the pack to capacity and threw it it the car along with trekking poles and a change of clothes for the ride home and off we went.  It was sunny and very pleasant when we arrived at the trail head around noon.  That's when I discovered that our boots had decided not to join us.  I had extra gloves, hats, water, food, rain gear for two, but no boots.  Brilliant!
There was no snow in the parking lot but there was sure to be some on the upper trail.  In spots the pounding of lots of feet and the freeze/thaw cycle turn some of it into ice.  Slippery in boots (most people carry YakTrax or instep crampons for this reason) but we had just the tennis shoes we wore from home.  Try it or bag it?  My wife voted to give it a go (relief!) and off we went.  Actually it wasn't too bad as we made it to the 3.5 mile mark and had a nice lunch along the trail looking out toward Snoqualmie Pass.
Another day off and another trip up Si for the exercise.  Since my wife and I didn't go all the way up, I thought I'd add a few pictures I took on this more recent trip of the benches and approach to the Haystack.  While I was checking out Haystack, I ran into Ike, a friend from the Mountaineers that I hadn't seen for a few years.  He told me that he starts at the Little Si trailhead and connects on the old trail.  He says it adds a few miles and bucks the gain up to 4600'.  I'll have to try that next time.
I think these will be the last three pictures and of course most important ones that I'll add to this album. Paul and I decided to try again on Si and I'd even remember to bring the boots this time. Even though the last 1/2 mile was difficult she successfully made it all the way to the benches this time and did really well.   A little slip on the way down and forced her to hike down on a sore knee, but all was OKwithin a day or two. Next, maybe she can show me how to do the Haystack?
Drive I- 90 to Exit 31 (to North Bend), go north into town.  Drive east on North Bend Way and in less than a mile turn left onto Mount Si Road. Cross the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River bridge at 0.3 miles and drive two miles to the trailhead parking lot (there's room for 200 cars), elevation about 750 feet.
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