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Skyline Lake & Pts. 5440/5447
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
4 1800' route
Map: #176 Stevens Pass
Season: spring

Skyline Lake is located just north of the Stevens Pass Ski area and is a nice snowshoe trip.  The road/trail heads north out of the parking lot, past a radio tower and continues until just east of the lake.  Follow a path west to the lake.  From the lake continue west around the south end of the lake and climb up the ridge to the north.  Pt. 5440 is to the left and Pt. 5447 to the right. 
We were looking to get out on this great spring day, but with the deep snowpack and warm temperatures, we needed a pretty safe destination.  Skyline isn't without some avalanche potential, but it's a pretty good bet even when conditions aren't good elsewhere.  A short trip, but a day in the mountains with friends none the less.

  May 17, 2008      

View to Pt 5440  

Neil and Julie  
Stevens Pass below
Not sure what's up here!
Pt. 5440  
View to Pt. 5447  
Back at the lake

Drive Hwy 2 to Stevens Pass.  Park in the lot on the north side of Hwy 2.  The road/trail heads north out of the parking lot.

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