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Crater Lake - 6841'
Raven Ridge - Pt. 8580/8572
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
12 4100' S4-T3
Map: GT - #115 Prince Creek
Season: fall

The section of Raven Ridge from Pt. 8580 east to Pt. 8572 isn't the most challenging to scramble, but if you’re a fan of high rocky ridges, this is a good one. Great views from Bigelow around to Star, Oval and Hoodoo, down into Crater and Libby Lakes and east over the Methow Valley into central Washington.
From Seattle, the drive to the 4760' trail head takes about 4.5 hours. The group planned to meet at the trail head around 1:00pm and hike the 3.9 miles up trail #431 & #416 to Crater Lake where we'd camp for the night. Sunday morning, we planned to scramble Pt. 8580, run Raven Ridge east to Pt. 8572 (Libby or Corax Peak) and then drop south back to the lake and hike out.
It was drizzly and overcast for the drive over, but no problems for the group to meet at the end of FR#300 and the trail head for Crater Lakes. We hiked to the lake, found a large established camp at the outlet and got settled in. We took a walk around the lake before dinner and discovered two additional camps on the south and west shores. Must be a popular place. With evening came increasing winds and a dusting of snow/ice crystals up on the ridge top.  The wind continued overnight, gusting pretty good at times, but a nice screen of trees at the outlet shielded us from the worst of it.
Sunday morning arrived with calmer winds, but still threatening and overcast skies. After breakfast we hiked along the north side of the lake looking to gain the (south) ridge leading to Pt. 8580. There was some disagreement as to the exact route; consensus eventually favoring a spot just south of Pt 8580 at about 7800’.
We made the top of Pt. 8580 and looking east along the ridge, it sure looked to me like Pt. 8572 was indeed the higher of the two points. Not what the map indicates, but it really looks that way. The scrambling along the ridge top is not difficult, although the skin of icy lichen and light snow on the rocks meant that we weren't going to set any speed records. But that's as it should be. There are many interesting rock formations up here and even a petroglyph etched into one of the boulders. Not sure if it's the real thing but it does look to have been there for a while.
We touched all the high points along the ridge (yes, it is a sickness) before scrambling through the keyhole on Libby Peak. There is a register, which we signed before dropping south down to Crater Lake and our camp.
When we got back a woman walked into camp asking if we knew of any other camps around the lake. She seemed a little disappointed to find our tents still in place on a Sunday afternoon. We told her not to worry, that we’d be gone in half an hour and she’s have the whole place to herself.
Uneventful hike back to the cars, a missing set of keys (the day was saved by a hide-a-key) and a long drive home after dinner at East 20 Pizza in Winthrop.

 October 4 -5, 2008      
Crater Creek Trailhead  
Trail #431  
Crater Lake Trail #416
Crater Lake camp  
Checking the route  
Crater Lake & Pt 8174
Looking south
Crater Lake  
Pt. 8174
Scramble to the saddle  
Pt. 7890
The saddle
View W from saddle
Pt. 8580 S ridge  
Pt. 8580 S ridge
Raven Ridge E from Pt. 8580  
East along the ridge
Clouds to the west  
Mushroom cap rock
The "Raven" ?
Want to see my etchings
East along the ridge
Another high point
Scrambling Hazard
Libby Peak (Corax) Pt. 8572
Nothing but air  
Robert on Corax
A peek at the summit
Scramble to the top
Pt. 8572 aka Libby / Corax
Far enough there David
Pt. 8580 & Libby Lake
A little sun
A break on top
Crater Lakes
Scrambling down to the lake
Golden Larch
Route Map
From Seattle, drive over Stevens Pass (Hwy 2) to Wenatchee. North on Hwy 97 to Pateros. NW on Hwy 153. Before Carlton, left on Gold Creek Rd. Left at 'T' on Road #4340 toward Crater Creek Camp. In 7 miles, pavement ends; stay right on #4340. In 1-2 miles, left on Road #300. Go 4 miles to dead-end. Large parking area (& sanican) at Crater Creek TH. (elevation 4,760')
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