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Pugh Mountain - 7201'
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Rating:
10 5300' S5 T3
Map: GT - #111 Sloan Peak
USGS - White Chuck Mtn
Season: summer

At 5300' of gain, Pugh is a fine workout and if you've timed the weather, a great place to soak up the sun and views.  This was my second trip to Pugh.  The first was also in August, but the weather was much better than today.  The hike up to Lake Metan is quick on good trail (1.5 miles).  At the lake, go left along the W shore and follow the trail as it switchbacks up to Stujack Pass.  From the narrow pass, the path ascends right up the sharp rocky and sometimes exposed NW ridge.  Great views and an interesting path along the ridge make it a favorite.  When you leave the ridge, you're presented with what appears to be a blank rock wall.  Search left or right and you won't see an acceptable route.  But if you look closely, you'll see that the rock near the middle of the face is dirt streaked and there is something of a ramp leading up and then left.  You'll know you've found the right path when you come across a steel or iron eyebolt set into the granite.  From here, follow the steep winding path over heather and stone to the summit.
If you go, be prepared for a workout, some minor exposure on the NW ridge and above Stujack at least, a trip that resembles a scramble more than a hike.

 August 31, 2008      
Trail below Lake Metan  
Heading for Stujack Pass  
Long traverses
Stujack Pass  
On the NW ridge  
On the NW ridge
On the NW ridge 
On the NW ridge 
Below the summit
Looking good o n top
Time to go  
August Ice?
Scrambling down
Back to the ridge  
On the NW ridge
On the NW ridge 
On the NW ridge
Off the ricks
Back to Stujack
Below the clouds  
I-5 North to Exit 208 to Highway 530 East to Arlington. Follow Highway for 32 miles to the intersection with Mountain Loop Highway in Darrington. Turn right and follow the road for about 12.6 miles. Look for sign "Mt. Pugh Trail" and turn left on the road #2095. Continue for 1.5 mile to the trailhead on the right side of the road. There are several parking spots along left side of the road and a few more one switchback below.
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