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McGregor Mtn. - 8122 '
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
30.5 8760' trail
Map: GT - #81 McGregor Mtn.
Season: spring

A trip organized by a friend who now lives out of state.  Most of the group elected to drive over the night before and stay at the Holiday Inn in Chelan but two of us couldn't get away and had to drive over that morning.  Our day started very early.  We met everyone at the dock for the Lady of the Lake at 8:15am for the 8:30 departure.  By 11:00am we were being dropped off at the start of the Lakeshore Trail at Prince Creek.  The trail remains high above Lake Chelan as it travels the 18 miles from Prince Creek to Stehekin, gaining nearly 3800' as it follows the ups and down along the shore.  We didn't have any problem finding water along the trail, but later in the summer the smaller creeks that cross the trail may well be dry.  Watch where you step, there were more than a few snakes (we saw rattlesnakes and rubber boas) stretched out across the trail getting their blood up to operating temperature.
The hike up to Moore Point is pleasant with some nice views up and down the lake.  The camp at Moore Point is large and offers good near the shore spots and pit toilets.  From our camp at Moore Point it's 7 miles to Stehekin where we catch the bus (yes the bus) to our next camp at High Bridge.  I think I remember that the bus left a 2:00p or 2:30p but I'm not sure.  The little resort town of Stehekin is unusual as it can only be reached by ferry or float plane (or feet of course).  The hamburger lunch at the restaurant while we waited for the bus to was very nice.  It's 8+ miles from Stehekin to High Bridge so the $5 fare for the bus ride is really worth it.
High bridge camp has two large group type spots that you need to reserve at the Golden West Visitors Center in Stehekin (they won't take advance reservations was my understanding). We stayed at spot #1 as it is closest to the McGregor trailhead, but spot #2 might have been better.  It's a 1/4 mile further along the road (you're walking at this point as the bus ride ends at the bridge), but is right down on the Stehekin River. We needed to hike down to the river for water and washing up from spot #1. A little bit of a hassle with feet/legs tired from the days activities.
The following morning we set off to scramble McGregor Mtn. The trail starts at the bridge and heads first for Coon Lake, curls around the north end of the lake, then parallels Coon Creek to climb to a 7300' basin south of the summit. That is, it does these things if you can find the trail. We lost it in snow and avalanche debris first at 3800' and then for good at 4100'. We made a wrong guess as to where the trail was likely to have gone and ended up in a gully to nowhere. We really didn't have time to go looking for the correct route at that point so we called it a day and headed down to camp. Quite disappointing as it was a good bit of work to get as far as we did. 
Our last day was a pretty easy one. Hike 1/4 to the pick up point for the bus, walk 1/8 mile to view the falls on the way out and sit around on the Lady Express for the trip back to Chelan. 
A very pleasant trip with good company.  I felt bad that with the wrong turn on McGregor we didn't actually make it to the top.  I'm glad that I had the opportunity to do the Lakeshore Trail, but for me it was a little warm and lacks that alpine feeling that makes something worth doing twice.  If I tried McGregor again, I think I'd skip the Lakeshore Taril and just take the boat both ways from Chelan.  Oh and at least as disappointing as not making the summit, the Stehekin Bakery (not on the summer schedule yet) was closed on the Monday we left...

  May 29 - June 2, 2008      
Chelan and the Lady of the Lake  
Lady of the Lake  
Prince Creek
No dock needed
What did we do?  
and off we go...
Lakeshore Trail  
Log crossing  
Trail pano
Grouse in which tree?  
Flick Creek fire
Moore Point Cutoff  
Moore Point camp
Lake Chelan  
on to Stehekin
Look back southt  
Lake Chelan & McGregor
Docks at Stehekin  
Waiting for the bus  
Still waiting  
There goes the boat
Facilities at Stehekin
Boat & Plane docks
High Bridge #1
Coon Lake
Falls on Coon Creek
Yes Dear...
View point at 3600'
Just before losing the trail
OK, now what?
Maybe another gully?
Tough trail...
So much for today
Where'd we go wrong?
Snapped like twigs
Pickup sticks
Back at the view point
High Bridge Camp
Stehekin River
On the Lady back to Chelan
Passing time on the boat
Route Map
Drive Hwy 2 east to Wenatchee, take US97 and go north toward Okanogan/Spokane.  Within a mile, take the US97 ALT exit and follow toward Rocky Reach Dam/Lake Chelan (ALT runs up the west side of the river).  Just before getting into Chelan look left for the Lady of the Lake Docks.  The boat can also be caught at Fields Point, arriving there for a 9:45am departure. Schedules and prices are at the Lady of the Lake web site.

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