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Lost Creek Ridge
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
9 3900' trail
Map: GT - #111 Sloan Peak
Season: fall

Sunday was forecast to be a nice day and actually turned out to be nicer than we expected.  Recent snow made a few of our suggested destinations unlikely, either because of road access issues or the bad effect a little snow, not a lot, but a little, has on steeper rock/talus.  We were able to avoid a repeat trip to the default Mtn. Loop Hwy peak (Dickerman) by Carrie's last minute suggestion of Lost Creek Ridge.
For most of us, this was the first time we'd driven beyond Barlow Pass from Granite Falls since the road was washed out in 2003.  We found Road 49 just where it was supposed to be and followed it 5 miles(?) from the Mtn. Loop Hwy. to the Lost Creek Ridge Trail head   There is a fairly large turnout/parking area to the left of the trail head.
Trail #646 starts off very gently and once you're warned up begins climbing in ernest to Bingly Gap.  Great view of Pugh Mtn., Whitehorse and Baker from here.  The trail goes right (east) to follow the ridge as it heads for an junction with a path down to Round Lake at about 5500'.  Most of the group stopped a little short of the junction, on a sunny view-rich shoulder to have lunch.  Two of us went the extra 15 minutes in knee deep new snow up to the saddle overlooking the lake, but didn't have time to go far enough to get a look at Glacier Peak. It was closing in on 2:00p and if we were to make it back to the cars by dark, we'd better get going.  As it was, we made it just as the leaf covered lower trail was getting hard to see at around 5:00pm.
Great weather, friends and a fine workout with a stop at Omega Pizza in Granite Falls after.

 November 23, 2008      
North Fork Sauk  
Cathy and Cedar
A short break
Low speed corner  
Sloan Peak peeks through
Red and Black Mtn.'s
To Round Lake  
Round Lake & Breccia  
Lunch stop
Getting late  
Sloan Peak  
Along the ridge
View east
View south and west  
Goats ahead
Goat photo op  
Drive the Mountain Loop Hwy, either from Darrington or Granite Falls to Road 49 and go east to the Lost Creek Ridge Trail head (#646) on the left.
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