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Hawkins Mtn. - 7160'
Esmeralda Peak - 6765'
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
13 6340' route
Map: GT - #208 Kachess Lake
Season: spring

I've done quite a few of the peaks in the Teanaway area recently and wanted to add a trip to Hawkins and Esmeralda when I got the chance.  I found a Mountaineers trip listed for Hawkins on Saturday and worked it out so that I could stay on and do Esmeralda on Sunday.
We followed the Salmon La Sac Road about 5 miles past the campground and took an unsigned right on Road 138. The road "Y"'s a short distance up and we went right for about 1/2 mile to the end. Not much parking here, but we got 4 cars to fit fine.  
We headed up the (Big) Boulder-DeRoux Trail (#1392), but left it SSW of Pt. 4472, climbing steeply up slope to the NE until we reached the ridge top that divides Big Boulder and Camp Creeks.  Once on the ridge, we followed it as it curves SE, then E and finally N to Hawkins summit.  The summit stay was lengthy as no one was in too much of a hurry to leave the warm sun, cool breeze and great views.
I descended the ridge with the group until we reached a spot above the prominent 6800' saddle to the east, where I descended first on rock and then glissaded from the saddle. The trip below the eastern end of Hawkins' extended ridge to Gallagher Head Lake was really pleasant and without difficulty. I checked half heartedly around the west side of the lake for a camp spot, but I really had planned a higher camp on Esmeralda iself.  All I needed was a snowfree patch.  I went east from the lake over a nice new bridge at the outlet and found a nice spot between Pt. 6765's W and S shoulders at about 6000'.  Just me, a few bugs and the deer that night.
Sunday morning I headed up slope to the NE, crossed a large talus field, gained the S shoulder and once on it's east side hiked up the basin to the top.   I went further along Pt. 6765's summit ridge and explored the two other high points.  Looking east, Pt.'s 6407 and 6477 looked to be within reach but I doubted if I had the energy considering what promised to be a very hot hike out.  Called it a day right there.
I left the summit, retracing my steps back to Gallagher Head Lake and followed the partially melted 4WD road SW to the 5440' junction with the Boulder-DeRoux Trail.  The upper part of the trail was still snow covered and sketchy to follow.  I was only able to make one of the crossings of Big Boulder Creek with my boots on.  Lots of water right now.  Great trip, good weather and a fine excuse to go back and check out the other Esmeralda Peaks.

 June 28 & 29, 2008      
Road end  
Steep off trail  
Around Pt. 4472
Goat Mtn?  
The route  
Pano view south ridge
Last of the shade  
Open ridge walk - Rainier  
Davis Peak
Follow the ridge  
Ridge route below  
Mt. Daniel
Summit walk
Pano from the top  
Group on Hawkins
My route to Esmeralda  
Saddle - 6800'
Saddle at 6800'
Pano from Gallagher Head  
Pano Gallagher Head Lake
Gallagher Head Lake 
Rainier from Esmeralda
Hawkins Mtn.  
Me and Hawkins
A line up  
4WD Road from lake
Pt. 6765  
Creek on Trail #1392
Trail #1392
Route Map
Drive I-90 to the Bullfrog exit 80/Roslyn - Ronald west of Cle Elum. Follow for about 18 miles (approx 5.4 miles past the Salmon La Sac campground) go right on an unsigned road.  We found a trailhead sign but were able to go right and drive another 1/2 to the road end.  A small sign there warns of Private Property, no jeeps or atv's, hikers OK.  Limited parking.
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