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Mt. Dickerman - 5723'
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
8 4000' trail
Map: GT - #111 Sloan Peak
Season: spring
I had wanted to see how far up the Perry Creek Road I could get but found that it was snow blocked right at the Mountain Loop Hwy.  My backup plan was to go a little further up the highway to Mt. Dickerman. 
I followed the summer trail to where it first emerges from the trees into a gully (pic 2).  The trail cuts left and then swings around on the ridge.  The snow route I followed went right (north), up slope to a fairly steep gully and then out onto the open slopes below the west ridge.  From there, I aimed for a clump of trees on the skyline and followed the ridge east to the top.  Descent was the reverse of the ascent.
 June 15, 2008      
Snowcovered trail  
Snow gully  
Stilly, Deer & Coal Creeks
Upper gully  
Still climbing 4600'  
Pano view West
Hall Peak  
West ridge from summit  
Dickerman summit
Pano from the top  
Memorial - Dale Godsey
Trail #710
Route Map  
Drive Hwy 92 through Granite Falls and go left on the Mountain Loop Hwy at the east end of town.  Follow MLH 16+ miles (past Verlot Ranger Station and Perry Creek Road) to the Mt. Dickerman Trailhead parking area on the left (near Big 4 Ice Caves).
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