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Teanway Butte - 4760'

Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
13 3200' route
Map: GT -
USGS - Emchant. Lakes
            & Red Top
Season: winter

A trip east of the mountains to explore the area around Pt. 4385 and Teanaway Butte with the Seattle Mountaineers.  We parked at 29 Pines Campground (North Fork Tenaway River Road) and booted it up Jungle Creek Road for maybe a 1/4 mile to a junction.  We went left on the road marked 4wd on the USGS maps and followed it to the end.  Leaving the road and heading roughly due west, we plunged through some brush and scaled mighty Pt. 4385.  Quick congratulations by all involved, brandy and cigars as befits the achievement of so lofty a goal and we were off down the west side of the massif to a 3500' saddle.  Continuing west we aimed for and surprising hit Pt. 3910, went left following the ridge up.  We crossed two roads, taking the second as it winds NW between two closed contour points and finally to the summit.
Since getting to the summit might take a big portion of the day, we planned to make a quick return by dropping off the summit to Liars Prairie, find the road shown on the maps that leads to Jungle Creek Road and follow it out.  We sort of did that, although we left the summit too soon and ended up with a lot of steep sidehilling (always a joy in snowshoes) getting back to Jungle Creek Road.  Got back to the cars after dark.  Long drive home as even I-90 was snow covered to the west as a result of a big winter storm that arrived in the late morning.

  December 1, 2007      
Snowshoe time  
Queing for the bus  
Thin snow cover
Between Pt. 4385 and Pt. 3910  
Snowshoeing near Pt. 3910  
Now how do I...
The road to the top  
Teanaway Butte  
Tagging the summit
Descending to Jungle Creek  
Route Map l
Drive I-90 to Hwy 970, Cle Elum.  Take the Teanaway River Road, go left (north) and follow to where the snow plows stop at 29 Pines Campground.
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