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Mountaineers Snow Field Trip
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
8 3000' route
Map: GT - Stevens Pass #176
USGS - Stevens Pass
Season: spring

This is the third of four required field trips and involves an overnight stay at the Mountaineers Lodge at Stevens Pass.  The primary focus of the field trip is ice axe arrest and secure snow travel techniques.  Students also build snow shelters (but don't have to sleep in them!) and scramble to the summit of Cowboy Mtn.  If conditions are good, an exciting glissade off the summit completes a full weekend.

  May 5 & 6, 2007      
To the demo area  
Ice Axe arrest practice  
Snow shelters
Navigation / Scramble  

"The Everett Mountaineers Alpine Scrambling Course provides instruction on how to travel safely off-trail and scramble to mountain summits. Most Northwest mountain summits are accessible by scramble routes. Scrambles are typically strenuous, and usually involve off-trail travel over rock, snow, or brush.  The scramble course provides a program of instruction about proper equipment, clothing, navigation, route-finding, avalanche avoidance, weather awareness, rock and off-trail scrambling, wilderness ethics, snow travel, ice axe arrest, and glissade techniques. The course goal is to teach the skills necessary to scramble enjoyably while minimizing risk."

Drive US Hwy 2 east to Stevens Pass.  Park in the upper lot and hike 1/4 mile up to the Mountaineers Lodge for check-in.

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