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Mountaineers Practical FT
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
4 2400' route
Map: GT - Snoqualmie Pass #207
Season: spring

This is the fourth and final required field trip and is meant to demonstrate the students' mastery of the skills covered in the course. Students are assigned to one of four peaks near Snoqualmie Pass. In our case, it was Denny Mountain (5520'+).  Denny is not considered a particularly tough scramble, following as it does the ski lifts to the summit block.  From the top of the lifts to the summit the difficulty increases and the students really get to show their stuff. We glissaded down the International ski run to complete a small loop.

  May 20, 2007      
Meet Mike the leader  
Kicking steps  
Toe curling traverse

"The Everett Mountaineers Alpine Scrambling Course provides instruction on how to travel safely off-trail and scramble to mountain summits. Most Northwest mountain summits are accessible by scramble routes. Scrambles are typically strenuous, and usually involve off-trail travel over rock, snow, or brush.  The scramble course provides a program of instruction about proper equipment, clothing, navigation, route-finding, avalanche avoidance, weather awareness, rock and off-trail scrambling, wilderness ethics, snow travel, ice axe arrest, and glissade techniques. The course goal is to teach the skills necessary to scramble enjoyably while minimizing risk."

Drive I-90 east and take exit 52.  Go left under the freeway, right on the Alpental Road and park in the lower Alpental parking area.  Denny Mountain looms to the west.

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