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Paddy Go Easy Pass &
The Cradle- 7467'

Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
20 10300' route
Map: GT - Mt. Stuart #209
Season: summer

A four day trip to the Wentachee Mountains north of Cle Elum.  We had planned for a scramble of The Cradle and Harding Mountain with camp at Sprite Lake.  We did camp at Sprite Lake, were unsuccessful on The Cradle and decided to scramble north along the ridge between Paddy Go Easy and Granite Mtn. instead of the long hike to Harding. 
We hiked Trail #1595 from the Cle Elum Valley Road (FR 4330) a short but steep 3 miles to Paddy Go Easy Pass. From the pass, we followed the boot path southeast to Sprite Lake.  We scouted around the lake, settling on the northeast side across the outlet.  A nice evening, with periodic visits from the local goat two Mom's and the two kids.
We left not as early as we had planned the next morning to scramble the Cradle.  We followed the trail down from Paddy Go Easy (PGE) Pass to the valley of French Creek.  We headed left at the junction (east) and followed the trail until we were below a fairly open slope with a clear view up to the SE ridge.  We picked our way through brush without much problems and climbed up much loose talus and scree, finally topping out on the ridge at about 6600'.  We were running pretty late at this point and figured only a fast dash would get us to the summit and back to camp before dark.  When we checked out the route from the ridge to a point below the summit, all we could see was acres of scree and the prospect of very slow going, so we decided that this was far enough.  Good choice as some clouds to the west assembled themselves into something distinctly T-Storm looking as we hung out on the ridge and then headed our way.  Time to get off the high ground had arrived and we left. Got back to camp where everything was buried under 3 - 4 inches of hail.  Good storm.
The third day plan was for Harding, but the prospect of dropping 1000'+ to French Creek again wasn't all that attractive.  Instead we went exploring north along the ridge from PGE Pass to Pt. 6520. A relly nice ridge to run. Varied terrain and some interesting high points to scramble.  We scrambled Pt. 6566 on our last morning, rolled up camp and hiked out.  Not making the Cradle was a little disappointing but the ridge trip north from the pass pretty much made up for it.  A fun trip with a great group of people.

  August 4 - 7, 2007      
Paddy Go Easy Trail # 1595  
Paddy Go Easy Pass
PGE Pass
A look west from PGE  
Goats at the pass  
Sprite Lake
Camp kitchen  
Below Cradle's west ridge  
Past the brush
On the west ridge ~ 6800'  
The scramble route  
Sprite Lake
Talus down from west ridge
Here comes the rain  
Post T-Storm sunset
Goats and morning  
North ridge line scramble
Carrie Lake(?)  
Sherpani Peak (Pt 6564?)
Nice lineup to Stuart  
Looking north
Pt. 6520  
On Pt. 6520
French Potholes
South from Pt. 6520
Mt. Daniel  
This is likely why...
Heading back
Paddy Go North (Pt. 6573)?
Scramble along the ridge  
Just N of PGE Pass
Sunrise on Cradle
Sprite Lake  
Paddy Go South (6565)
On Pt. 6565
On Pt. 6565
Cle Elum River Valley  
Pano north
Route Map
Drive I-90 to the Hwy 903 exit for Roslyn/Ronald.  Follow past Cle Elum Lake as the road becomes the Salmon La Sac/Cle Elum Valley Road.  Just before the end of the road (and the trailhead for Hyas Lake/Tuck & Robin Lakes) find the Paddy Go Easy Pass Trailhead on the right.
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