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Mt. Washington - 4400'

Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
10 3300' trail
Map: GT -
USGS - Chester Morris Lake
Season: winter

A fun, low avalanche risk snowshoe trip with the Seattle Mountaineers to an I-90 peak, about 10 miles west of Snoqualmie Pass. A good workout in today's dry snow. 
We parked in the Ollalie State Park parking lot, walked the Iron Horse/John Wayne Pioneer Trail west (actually a road) for maybe 1/4 mile and picked up the unmarked trail on the left. We followed the trail/road to a junction where the "old" and "new" trails diverge.  We chose the "new" trail which follows roads to the east side of the mountain.  With the snow we were able to cut across switchbacks in the road and make the trip shorter but much more strenuous.  Made our way to a saddle between the "Great Wall" and the south ridge.  From there it's an easy stroll up the ridge to the summit.  Might have to make a trip on New Years Eve a tradition.  This one has good access as the road is plowed to the parking lot entrance at least.  

  December 31, 2007      
Iron Horse/John Wayne Trail  
Leaving the road  
Water from stone
Old & New trail junction  
Great Wall above  
Low bridge
East face  
Mailbox Peak
At the saddle  
Summit scramble  
Mt. Rainier
Mt. Washington
Weather gear  
View East
and west  
Snowshoeing down the ridge
Rime covered trees  
Looking east again
McClellan Butte  
Junction with Old trail
At the saddle  
Mt. Washington
Pano at the saddle
Drive I-90 to Exit 38; right at end of offramp; right again in 100' to state park lot.
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