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Labyrinth Mtn. - 6376'

Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
7 2700' route
Map: GT - Benchmark #144
USGS - Labyrinth Mtn.
Season: summer

We were originally scheduled to scramble Baring Mtn, but the forecast was for rain off and on all day.  The rocky upper section of Baring might not be so good when wet so we decided to try it some other time.  We needed an alternate, preferrably on the drier east side of the crest and Labyrinth was suggested. 
Hike the Minotaur Lake Trail to the lake outlet, cross and follow the path up a ridge east of the lake. Once past the lake and above some steeper terrain at around 5800', we climbed along a small creek to the south ridge at 6100', turned north and followed the ridge crest to the summit.  Many paths are available.  No problems and good rock to scramble across.  Retraced our steps on the way down.  Short trip: maybe 4 hours or so round trip.  Pt. 6287 looked interesting, maybe next time.

  July 21, 2007      
Minotaur Lake Trail  
Trail #1517 
Minotaur Lake
Pt. 6262  
Heather scramble .  
On south ridge
Cloud break  
Labyrinth summit  
Wenatchee Lake
Quick trip  
Route Map
Drive US Hwy 2, 5 miles east to Smithbrook Road (FR6700) and go north following as it branches and switchbacks to the Minotaur Lake Trail #1517 (about 7 to 8 miles from Hwy 2?).
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