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Mt. Index - 5991'
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Route/Trail:
19.6 4890' route
Map: GT - Index #142
USGS - Index & Gold Bar
Season: summer

This was a combination bike, hike and scramble of a prominent peak along US Hwy 2 near the town of Index, WA.  We parked the cars at a closed gate on FR 62 (Elev 1440') and biked 6.5 miles until the road became too overgrown and rough at about 2600' (Fr 6200 to 6240?).  From there we walked the road nearly to it's end and exited to the right (northeast).  We climbed pretty much straight up, angling NE to a small open area at about 4600'.  Just above and to the right, below a cliff band we entered the trees and began to pick up flagging. We followed a nearly level 4700' - 4800' traverse to a gully east Pt. 5212.  Climbing the gully we hit a 4900' saddle at the foot of the SW ridge.  Following the ridge, we crossed a permanent snow field (quite steep and hard but with an OK runout), scrambled talus and slabs to the rounded main summit at 5991'.  Descended the ascent route.
Bike: 13 miles rt (1440') and scramble: 6.6 miles rt (3450') for a total of about 20 miles and 4900' gain.

  August 18, 2007      
Riding the roads  
Road 6240  
Walking now
Below Pt. 5212  
A surprise along the way  
Climbing to the saddle
Above the SW ridge  
North Peaks  
Across the snow field
Rock scramble  
Snow field & Persis  
On to the summit block
False summit
Persis in the clouds .  
Pt. 5493
Lake Serene  
Group on the summit
A short sun break  
Pt. 5160
Back on the false summit  
Back to the snow field
Crossing the snow
Bellvue & Seattle
A short break
Road at about 4000'
Route Map
Drive US Hwy. 2 to FR 62, go right and follow to the closed gate.
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