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Breccia Peak - 6487'
Miles RT: Elevation Gain: Rating:
15 6925' S4-T2
Map: GT - #
USGS - Sloan Peak
Season: fall

Earlier in the week the forecast for Sat and Sun changed from marginal to stellar, so we quickly organized a last backpack/scramble trip for the fall to take advantage.  Trail #646 spends a good deal of time in the trees and it's not until you leave 5200' behind, past Bingley Gap and Spring Mtn. that you break out into the open. From there east past an overlook of Round Lake the views are expansive.  We left the trail at about 5500' after crossing a small creek and found a faint boot track leading to Sunup Lake, 150' to 200' further up slope. Here was camp for the night.
As we got settled in, we decided that the ridge directly west of the lake would make a good spot to take in the sunset.  Before then however, we went the other direction, to a nice jagged 6300' ridge NE of the lake and what might be considered a continuation of Beccia's south ridge.  We scrambled around and explored a bit, taking a minute to scope the route for tomorrow from Breccia over to Pt. 6343.  We returned to the lake and finished getting camp ready for the night. 
Sunset was very pretty from the little ridge west of the lake.  We succeeded in finding our way back to camp in the dark and made dinner.  Nice clear cold and calm night and when morning came the sun on Sloan Peak was something to wake up to.
We left camp and headed NW to gain Breccia's south ridge at about 6100'.  From there it's a stroll up to the broad summit.  We dropped due east down a shoulder from the summit, crossed the basin below that looks to still hold a small glacial remnant and a few melt ponds.  The largest was already frozen.  From there we followed a nice ridge to Pt. 6343 where an alien spacecraft was encountered.  A sacrifice was made and we left the summit going first west and then south to catch the trail back to the lake. 
By the time we packed up and hiked out, it was dark and everything in Arlington was closed except for the pizza place.

October 21-22, 2006      
Nice line up  
Trail #646 
Lost Creek Ridge
Round Lake  
On to Sunup Lake  
Spring Mtn.
Sunup Lake
Camp at Sunup
Glacier Peak
Me on the ridge
Back to camp  
Sloan Peak
Cold in camp
Up on the ridge for sunset
Morning at Sunup
On Breccia
Pt. 6343  
Ice bridge
Ice bridge
Breccia - Pt. 6487
Ridge to Pt. 6343
Alien spacecraft
Map Route
Drive the Mountain Loop Hwy. either from Darrington or Granite Falls/Barlow Pass to Rd #49 (Sloan Creek Road) just north of the Bedal Campground. The Lost Creek Ridge Trailhead is located 3 miles up Rd #49 on the left hand side of the road.  There is a small parking area/turnout.
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